Painter - Engraver - Poet

Former student of the conservatories of Strasbourg et top of PARIS

A graduate of the School Martenot (Paris)

Academy of the "Grrande Chaumière" PARIS

Workshops Etching : Radmilla DAPIC Limoges) and Joëm ROCHE (Paris)

Menbre of "French Artists"

Following her classical training, J Dann embraced symbolism and lyrical abstraction. She finds expression in a variety of techniques: oil painting, Indian ink, acrylics, composite techniques and, in particular, engraving.

For J Dann, painting and engraving are like a script... a language... a means of expression... of conveying emotion... a message.

Artistic approach

For J Dann, painting and etching are like a script … a language … a means of expression … of conveying emotion … a message.

Like painting and enraving, the written word is a letter sent to those who hear … who receive … who listen to the beating of their heart and to life itself.

It is a gift we give to whoever wishes to receive it.

Using motion … colours … materials on various media, we often express the inexpressible … the unsayable.

It is an unselfish gift shared without expectating anything in return.

It is the soul’s life-breath.

It is speaking … telling … revealing everything that words cannot truly transcribe.


Quelques Salons

  • 2015

                17° RENCONTRES D’ARTISTES                                    MONTMORILLON  (France)

                SALON INTERNATIONAL DU PORTRAIT                Château de Beauregard BLOIS (France)

                LE SM’ART (10°)                                                             AIX EN PROVENCE   (France)

                FETE NATIONAL DE L’ESTAMPE  (3°)                         LIMOGES  (France)

                JOURNEE DE L’ESTAMPE                                             PARIS (France)

                MONTSERRAT GALLERY                                               NEW YORK  (USA)

                ART EN CAPITAL  Grand Palais                                    PARIS   (FRANCE°

  • 2014

                  . Brick Lane Gallery                             LONDRES  (Grande Bretagne)

                . International Exhibition of Portrait    Castle of Beauregard (France)

                . Gallery LB13                                       LIMOGES (France)

                . Gallery MONOD                                  PARIS (France)

                . Broadway Gallery                               NEW YORK   (USA)

                . Exhibition Franco-coréenne               SEOUL (Coréee)

                . Exhibition "Path of life" Castle de     MORTEMART  (France)

                . Art Shopping  Carrousel du Louvre    PARIS (France)

                . Spectrum Miami                                  MIAMI (USA)

                . "Art en Capital" Grand Palais            PARIS  (France)

  • 2013

                 . Galerie de l'Echaudé  (Atelier Parenthèses)       PARIS 7°

                 . Galerie Montserrat     NEW YORK   (USA)

                 . Galerie Ghana Art Modern   SEOUL  (Corée)

                 . "Art en Capital" Grand Palais                  PARIS (France)


  • 2012
    • « Ausstellung Wystawa » Kunsthaus  ANSBACH (Allemagne)
    •  « Art en Capital » (Artistes Français)  PARIS (75)
    • « Print Labels » Tokyo (gravure) JAPON
    • " les Hivernales" PARIS’Est Montreuil (93)
  • 2011 « Art en Capital » (Artistes Français) au grand Palais  (PARIS)
  • 2011 2009 2007 Biennale Internationale de Gravure  LORIENT
  • 2010 2008 2006 Rencontre d’Artistes (Gravure) MONTMORILLON (86)

Expositions Personnelles

  • 2013       Salle Lucien Darras  "Chemin de vie"  Magnac Laval  (87)
  • 2012       Land Art  Chemin de l'étang  VILLEFAVARD (87)
  • 2009       Galerie 'Arts Emotions" COLLONGES s/SALEVE (74)
  • 2007-2008  Galerie « la Chamotte » Gravure contemporaine LAREN Pays Bas
                         Galerie « Jardin de
    Lumière  OHAIN Belgique
  • 2006      Gravure contemporaine  Bellac (87) «Moulin du Gôt» (gravure) St Léonard de Noblat (87)
        Art Ephémère «La note bleue» Villefavard (87)
  • 2005    Gravure contemporaine  galerie «Emergence»  La Rochelle

Avec le collectif européen " SYNCHRONOCALES"

       . DE 2007 à 2012

Avec le Groupe d'échange internationnaux "APCAL"

       . DE 2007 à 2011

                      en Limousin et à l'étranger : Moyenne Franconnie, Italie, Tunisie, Roumanie


 De 1986 à 2005

Différents Salon, expositions personnelles

  • Paris (1986), Versailles (1987-1992), Argenton sur creuse (1994- 1995), bordeaux (1988), Aubusson (1999) entre autre


A l’étranger

  • Belgique     Chimay  (1988)
  • Allemagne  Offenburg  (2004)


Professional experience

Until 2001, Jdann taught piano at two local music colleges (in Plaisir and Beynes) specialising in introductory music classes for young children. She also played harpsichord in a Baroque ensemble (Les Tourelles).

From 1985, she trained as a teacher of the Martenot painting technique in Neuilly. She was captivated by the Martenot method (which was incidentally devised by a family of musicians) based on gestures, sensitivity and the beauty of lines, since it resonated with her own feelings so closely connected to the world of music.

From 1978, she began to exhibit her work on an occasional basis.

She moved to Limousin in 1986 where she organised regular exhibitions and set up a non-profit organisation in 1991 named the Atelier Ancienne Ecole de Villefavard (AA E V). She also gave drawing and painting classes to children and adults, first during the school holidays and subsequently throughout the year. Moreover, she taught at the primary school in Magnac Laval and produced two murals in covered playgrounds with the children.

In 1988, she set up a salon of fine art in Magnac Laval which she closed in 2011. At the same time, she also set up the Rencontres d’Arts Contemporains in Droux which combined plastic arts, music and poetry slams. From 2007, she was furthermore involved in a non-profit organisation known as APCAL which organised international exchanges (this organisation was shelved in 2011).

Since 2011, Jdann has focused exclusively on her own work and saves all her energy for various travel engagements.

At the same time, J Dann writes poetry as a tonic to all these activities. She now also writes short stories and has published several books for everyone's pleasure.

Athis  December 2012